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Tara McGuinness - Trusts & Estates Attorney for Torrance and Palos Verdes

Trusts & Estates

There are many reasons one must have an estate plan, some of which include providing a smooth transfer of one’s assets at death, the desire to avoid the time and expense associated with probate, and to avoid or minimize estate taxes.   Only the wealthy (though that can change at any moment, it seems) have concerns about estate taxes, but everyone should be concerned about the time and expense of probate, the fees for which can be as much as  10% of one’s estate.  Tara can facilitate your estate planning needs economically and she will shepherd your family through the administration of your or your family member’s estate.  If there is a dispute about your, or your loved one’s, last wishes, Tara has many years of experience is resolving these conflicts using her skills as a mediator, and collaborator and, if when necessary, as a litigator.

Tara’s services include the preparation of  Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney,  Health Care Directives and Living Wills as well as probate and estate administration, guardianships and conservatorships.  Her fees are very reasonable and she employs skilled paralegals, law clerks and legal assistants to participate in document preparation which reduces legal fees.

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“When you trust Tara to develop an estate plan, her number-one objective is to ensure your wishes are carried out.”